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5 ways to go from workout to work ready hair

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You love the feel of the workout, the ride to work, early morning walks, jogs, or yoga classes, and while your body feels amazing it can leave you with sweaty, flat or frizzy hair. How do you combat this unattractive combination if a complete wash and dry is not an option?

  • Don’t hold back from drying your sweaty hair with a hairdryer just because you haven’t washed it. Flip your hair upside down and give it a quick blast to dry off that moisture and add a boost of volume.
  • Grab a hair band and pull your hair into a chic ponytail. Use our sleek pomade to smooth any frizzy bits or pesky fly-aways and no one will be the wiser (except for that healthy glow and terrifically toned body).
  • If you’re blessed with curly hair consider running some leave in crème through your hair pre-workout. This will prevent that frizzy halo and help manageability post workout.
  • Pre-workout braids can also create post-workout waves, for those who plan ahead.
  • DIY head braids can be worn during or after your workout. This one may take a little practice to perfect but will be well worth the effort. For easy to follow instructions click here.

You’ll be work ready with little effort and lots of confidence.

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